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Company Region Review

Agri Opus Proba Pte LtdAgri Opus Proba Pte Ltd


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Agri Opus Proba provides a full research service, such as planning, conducting and reporting of research. Generally, they are specialized in a national census including include population health & disease, political consciousness, legal research, social and community issues.



【Category of business】Marketing Research
A market research firm consisting of menber in various backgrounds. BMRS offers services not only in Thailand, but Cambodia. They have deep knowlede about ASEAN area.

Central Force MalaysiaCentral Force Malaysia


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Central Force Malaysia has their service networks in not only Malaysia where they have their own interview facility, but Brunei. They offer one-stop service from a conventional offline reseach to medical research.



【Category of business】Marketing Research
CBR is a leading firm in Chinese marketing research and has fieldwork network which covers over 200 cities throughout China. Specialized in automotive industry with their special team for it.



【Category of business】Marketing Research
DSS is one of a few research company in Myanmar. DSS has each company on planning, research implementation and analysis to enhance each specialities.

FRC Hong Kong LtdFRC Hong Kong Ltd

Hong KongHong Kong

【Category of business】Marketing Research
FRC provides their services in Hong Kong, other Chinese regions, and Asian Pacific areas. Especialy, they are specialized in information technology, healthcare, auto, logistics. Moreover, they developed independent software tools for data analysis.

Gyan ResearchGyan Research


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Gyan Research releases reports about each market on a regular basis. They have specialities in planning, analysis and reports.

Illumina Research CenterIllumina Research Center


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Illumina Research provides full-service of marketing research in the Philippines and has wide variety of clients in automobile, bevarage/foods, medical and government business.

Indochina Research Ltd.Indochina Research Ltd.


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Indocina Research is a market research firm which has over 15 years experience of marketing research in Vietnum, Cambodia and Laos. Their speciality is a research in automotives, consumer products. IR publishes a report on regular basis about market resaerch in Cambodia or Laos where MR is not developed yet.

InsightXplorer LimitedInsightXplorer Limited


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Insight Xplorer offers multi-dimensional services from traditional offline method to their own online methods called “ARO”, “IX Survey”

Market Strategy & Development (MSD)Market Strategy &
Development (MSD)


【Category of business】Marketing Research
MSD is a full-service marketing research company that has over 300 experienced researchers throughout Cambodia. They provide services from qualitative, quantitative to media research with a motto “Quality First”.

Metrix ResearchMetrix Research


【Category of business】Marketing Research
Metrix Research has over 35 years of archievements of multi-national research and offers from small personal interview to big public opinion poll. They have clients such as a big automobile firm and bevarage company in Japan.



【Category of business】Marketing Research
MYRIAD offers marketing research in whole Indonesia, specialized in research of medical, agriculture and education field. They have various type of clients not only domestic but multinational enterprises, government, NGO.



【Category of business】Marketing Research
SERCASIA is one of a few research company in Laos. SERCASIA practices various research methodology, such as interview, survey, and so on. Especially, SERCASIA is specialized in the social and environmental issues. Also, its researcher composition is diversified with nationality, so SERCASIA has the clients around the world.

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