Privacy Policy

RJC Research Inc. (hereafter “the company”) is proud of contribution to society by providing statistical information such as consumer (survey respondent)’s actual condition and opinion to corporations and organizations through marketing research.
At that time, we have kept ICC/ESOMAR which is international code of conduct in marketing research industry and marketing research principle created by Japan Marketing Research Association regarding protection of personal information.
We follow the domestic laws, guiding principles and marketing research industry’s protection of personal information guideline which is provided by Japan Marketing Research Association.
The company considers and manages information providers’ security, custody and administration properly from the point of personal information protection. We here lay down the privacy policy and declare that we enforce this policy

1.Obtaining, using and providing personal information

  • The company follows laws and regulations of personal information, guideline and other norms that government provides
  • For acquisition of personal information, we determine the purpose of use clearly within our valid business and execute within the limit to attain our objective
  • The company acquires personal information by lawful and fair measures
  • The company uses personal information within the purpose of use that the person have agreed to. And we obtain their consent before we use their personal information for certain purpose of use over the agreement.
  • The company does not provide personal information for a third party basically but if we need to provide, we obtain their consent in advance.
  • Management of personal information is performed within the purpose of use and it is always up to date.

2.About safety management of personal information

The company takes measures of safety management which is systematic, personal, physical and technical to protect and correct leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

3.Complaints and consultationて

Please contact the number in the section “5 Inquiries and complaints” below if you have any inquiries or complaints regarding management of personal information of the company.
We respond to requests from the person for releasing the personal information or a substitute such as notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction (correction of content, addition and deletion) and suspension of use (suspension of use, elimination and ban of providing to a third party) without delay.

4.Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system

The company establishes and manages personal information protection management system that includes “Basic plan for personal information protection”. We train all employees, and conduct business while paying attention to keep personal information confidential. We inspect our operational status on a regular basis. And also we review and improve our personal information protection management system all the time. RJC Research Inc. makes an effort to protect personal information in daily works with extreme care. And not only all employees of the company but anyone related with the work fully understand the purpose and intention of the policy before they start working.

Date of the Establishment: April 1st 2002 Date of the latest amendment: October 12th 2012RJC Research Inc. president and representative director Ryuta Kawada

In January 2003, our company has accredited by JIPDEC with the Privacy Mark System which is given to a company who manages personal information properly.

Management of personal information

Please refer to the following details regarding handling personal information.

1.Acquisition, use and proving of personal information

The company’s main business is market research and opinion poll. These business’ purpose is the investigation and collection (acquisition) of evaluation, request, awareness and actual condition. And we statistically process these results to provide them for companies and organizations. These collection (acquisition) of personal information is basically collected as statistical data and it will not be used as personally identifiable information. When we do these operations, we create lists of individual or household (personal information) in advance and specify the person whom we ask for cooperation of investigation (survey respondents). The base of registration (list) is the Residential Basic Book. It is possible to read a copy of the Residential Basic Book when you apply and the purpose of use about opinion poll and social research is clearly made (depends on a municipality). We collect (acquire) personal information properly and lawfully from the poll book, NTT telephone directory, the disclosed list of residence map, a consigned list from business consignor (client) etc. We organize consumer monitors of optional registration system. We may investigate registrants as survey respondents. When we ask persons to register on this monitor system or a monitor that introduces other persons as a new monitor, we inform the monitors about purpose of use of personal information and others by documents and let them register after they have agreed to this. We may investigate cooperators randomly and collect (acquire) personal information such as cooperators’ name, address and others when we ask them during investigation. This case we inform them the purpose of use by oral, documents etc.

2.Personal information for disclosure

Personal information for disclosure is defined as follow at in JISQ15001:2006: “Personal information for disclosure is personal information that is constituted systematically and composed collectively to search by electronic equipment and search specific personal information easily by organizing, classifying, submitting contents, index and mark that follow constant rule. It provides operator the right to comply disclosure, correction of content, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erase and suspension of providing for a third party from the principal. Following is category of personal information for disclosure and our company’s purpose of use.

  • (1) Category of personal information for disclosure

    Name, address and answer for question of research purpose

  • (2) Purpose of use of personal information for disclosure

    Create statistical data for improvement of products and service

3.Claiming disclosure of personal information

Please contact us at the contact information below for claiming disclosure of personal information.

4.Providing personal information to a third party

The company manages personal information properly and does not provide it to a third party without consent from principal. However there are exceptions listed below.

5.Inquiries and complaints

lease contact below for inquiry and claim.
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