Tabulated analysisThis analysis requires to entry and check data collected from fieldworks,
and conduct data cleaning and processing thoroughly.


Processing data

Processing data

Entry and check

For the case of a paper-based questionnaire, data entry is conducted in a punching center. RJC Research concentrate the accuracy of data entry, so we use the punching center specialized in questionnaire data, which entries data twice for the verification. Also, for the case of internet research, we review the duration of answering time and the contents of free answer, and exclude the inappropriate respondents from the research.

Data cleaning

With programming, we review the validity of data by various conditions, and conduct modification of data. The answer data obtained by fieldwork contains conscious and unconscious error of respondents. They are the inconsistent answers under the logical perspective. For instance, respondents answer “Do not know” regarding a product on a question even though answering “Saw it on TV” on the other question, or the breakdown does not match to the total. Checking and cleaning data is equivalent to solving the problems piece by piece, such as “are these answers truly incorrect?”, “is there any expression misleading respondents in a question?”, “which inconsistent answers is correct?”, and “how should we modify the inconsistent answer?”.However, excess modification of data is an another concern.Data is material. We believe that making use of untouched material as possible results better outcome.The main point of data cleaning is removing incorrect information from the untouched material.

Data processing

For preparation to do aggregation, we process data.We manage it in anticipation of a conclusive tabulation. For example; processing of non-response, a parameter setting for each questions, processing for weighted aggregation, setting new variable.



Tabulation, listing

Creating tabulation based on simple tabulation and cross tabulation. We propose analysis axis or various ways of analysis which is valid for decision making and support your data analysis.

Secondary tabulation

We do secondary tabulation for a large amount of data. There is a case we take the average, conduct multivariate analysis or casual modeling to summarize and analyze data furthermore.


To extract information which is truly needed, we offer extensive analysis methods which are rich in variety.Needless to say, we offer multivariate analysis, “active report” which utilizing excel, and also text mining.To derive the information that our clients truly need, RJC Research utilizes our experiences of tabulation analysis in wide range of business and proposes effective analysis axis and tabulation analysis methods.

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