Planning and designingRJC Research compasses problems, and offers appropriate approaches to meet customer's schedules and budgets.

課題を確実に把握し、適切なアプローチ方法をお客さまのスケジュール、 ご予算に沿ってご提案いたします。

Define problems and purpose

The most important thing of planning and designing research is to understand a purpose of research clearly.Understanding what our customers want to clarify and what we have to output by researches will lead to marketing research projects success.RJC Research is also able to advise from a broad viewpoint with plenty of experience with researches of various industries.

Scheduling and quotation

The second important thing in planning and designing research is scheduling and its cost.


We offer our best plan to meet clients’ timing.


We propose an appropriate plan within your budget. Please feel free to contact us for our quotation.

Items needed for a quotation

  • ・ Qualification of target
  • ・ Sample size
  • ・ Methodology
  • ・ Survey size (number of questions, length of interview, number of pages for a questionnaire etc.)
  • ・ Working range (responsibility)

Proposal of planning and designing

RJC Research proposes planning and designing which helps to solve your research problems.

Background of planning Circumstances and problems behind the planning of a study
Research purpose Matters you would like to reveal in the research
Target audience Characteristics of respondents (such as gender, age)
Sampling method of respondents Sample list and method to use
Sampling number Set point of collecting samples
Methodology Online, mailing, telephone, home-visit, CLT, home-use, focus group etc.
Research region Nationwide, metropolitan area, specific city, within 1km from a specific station etc.
Research items Structure of questionnaire
Analysis plan Tabulation plan, data processing plan, analysis plan of text data etc.
Deliverables prompt report, summary sheet, detailed report etc.
Schedule Each timing of planning, set-up, fieldwork implementation, analysis and report
Cost Each cost of planning, set-up, fieldwork implementation, analysis and report

Designing questionnaire

A good questionnaire attracts respondents and make them answer correctly till the end.And it is essential to design questions which can be understood by all respondents equally.

  • With experiences of questionnaire designing in a variety of business fields, we are able to plan and design survey questionnaires which are not biased by preconception or existing point of view in each peculiar fields.
  • Order of questions to make a respondent answer naturally, easy to understand wording, layout
  • Termination of leading question, ambiguous expression and technical terms.
  • We always have a pre-test and brush up the questionnaire before it is settled in order to check possible problems whether it is easy to answer, questions are understood correctly.

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