Report creationEasy to see, easy to understand for present issues and direction in the future.


To summarize analysis results of each survey items and interpret it. To visualize its process and result and explain intelligibly to enable to derive present issues and course of action in the future. That is “report creation”.

Report creation method

RJC Research has been continuously offered a lot of projects that carries out planning design to report creation consistently from private films. We don’t provide a stereotyped easy diagram. We offer a customized, beautiful and perspicuous diagram based on a character of data, and also intelligible, get-to-the-core comments in our report.

Communication with customers

Success of a project always depends on communication with customers. When our knowledge on marketing and trend of consumer harmonize with expert, business knowledge of a customer, it enables to lead intelligible, beneficial interpretation. We spare no pains to deepen discussion until the final report is accomplished.

Flexibility (partial support for a report)

We are willing to work for not only full project, but making a report alone, or even only “analysis for survey item unit “or “summary” are also cases we can handle. When you make a “summary”, “analysis for survey item unit ” would be completely different thing if you make it machanically. RJC Research has ability to deal with both way.

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