Interviewers network throughout JapanWe have over 900 interviewers throughout Japan.
We work finely for complicated, difficult home-visit research.

Numbers of interviewers in each area

We have experienced interviewers who are trained with our own specialized instruction throughout Japan.

Numbers of interviewers in each area

Feature of interviewers

  • Telephone Surveys


    For telephone survey, about 50 registered interviewers specialized in telephone survey conduct fieldwork. Our interviewers have plenty of experience in BtoB research which has high difficulty. We work finely for complicated, difficult survey.

  • Central Location Tests (CLT)


    For street intercept, about 30 staff who has been trained with special program of recruitment excuse street recruitment. In addition, all interviewers throughout Japan has been trained for street intercept, we are able to conduct it in all places in Japan.

  • Mystery Shoppers


    RJC Research has about 30 special mystery shopper who has been trained by professional instruction. In addition, we are able to excuse nation-wide project by 200 interviewers who have experience of mystery shopping, 900 of home-visit interviewers, 80,000 of RJC consumer panels and 1,700,000 of online monitors. We arrange the most suitable fieldworkers from fast food stores to high class brands.

  • Street & Store Survey


    Registered, trained interviewers implement street/store survey. We are able to conduct high quality street/store survey throughout the country. We work finely for complicated, difficult survey.

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