Quality Control

Aiming to the stable, high quality service providing, RJC Research Inc. (hereafter “the company”) lays down the original quality control standard, which conforms to the quality control standard of JMRA (Japan Marketing Research Association), in various scenes of research from planning to survey implementation, data analysis and report creation.

Interviewers control

We have experienced interviewers who are trained with our own specialized instruction throughout Japan. We select the most suitable interviewers by each research content in order to work finely for complicated, difficult survey.

For unexperienced interviewers, the company trains them with roll playing or one-on-one training by experienced interviewers.

The company conducts an inspection to all home-visits to check errors and prevent untrue answers.

Regarding personal information protection, the company executes annual training of personal information protection, in addition, the company is sure to explain about the personal information protection before all survey implementation.

The company holds an instruction before every study to launch the fieldwork after all interviewers understand the content of the research. In addition, the company often contacts with interviewers during the fieldwork period and control the survey carefully.

Control of online panels

The company checks following points when registering as a monitor on infoQ and prevent anyone who is not applicable as a panel from registering.

Valid email address Checking mail format
Non-overlapping registration Multiple check on monitor information
Agreement to monitor rules Agreement to contents of monitor rules and its observance
The company excuses following steps to maintain validity of monitor information
Checking validity of monitor information A monitor must check his/her information when logging in for the first time. The company obligates monitors to renew their information on each year, for those who doesn’t renew or check it within two months of confirmation period, the company would reduce their points. For identity verification, the company checks it with e-bank registration or sending gift cards to their addresses.

RJC Research has collaborate with other online research firms for various projects. Through the experience, we are well aware of character or ability of multiple online companies and able to advice accurately.

Control of RJC consumer panels

The company recruits it on its website or introduction from existing monitors. We don’t recruit it in any publication or a prize website. Our registered panels are more “social participation” rather than “for compensation” so you can expect high response, answers with less mistakes.

Registration is only by a mail. The company checks the information multiply by address, telephone number, names in a household to prevent overlapping registration.

When there is any change in registered information such as name, address, household, the company always accepts a contact by mail or telephone and renew it. We check nondeliverly or telephone numbers of panels accordingly to maintain its freshness.

Survey implementation control

All of our interviewers work after trained with our own specialized instruction. And the company also trains them about personal information protection at least once in a year.
The company conducts an inspection to all home-visits to check errors and prevent untrue answers.
Interviewers are checked at every stage in the fieldwork to make an error as little as possible.

Main checking function

1. Sample check

5. Re-checking by checking specialist

2. Instruction

6. Contact to respondents about any blank or error

3. Middle check

7. Inspection

4. Collection check

8. Evaluation of interviewers

Inspection is executed 10% of collection as defined by JMRA’s quality control standard. Even a survey without interviewers, we check as much as possible to minimize an error.

Data analysis, report creation

The company invariably record/maintain a process of data collection or analysis as a document. This helps accumulation of know-how and preventing difference of deliverables by each person in charge.

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