Our ServicesThere are many methods in market research.
Here we introduce the characteristics and budget example of each methods.

By Methodlogy

The following are the methodologies that RJC Research presents.

  • MROC


    This methodology involves discussion on an online community established for specific marketing research.

  • Online Surveys

    Online Surveys

    Registered panelists participate in questionnaire surveys via the Internet upon our request by e-mail.

  • Face-to-Face Surveys

    Face-to-Face Surveys

    Our interviewers visit respondents at their homes and request their cooperation with surveys.

  • Mail Surveys

    Mail Surveys

    We mail questionnaire forms to respondents at their homes or workplaces. The respondents send back the filled-in forms to us.

  • Telephone Surveys

    Telephone Surveys

    Our interviewers call respondents to ask questions, and collect answers from them.

  • Central Location Tests (CLT)

    Central Location Tests (CLT)

    Surveys are conducted at predetermined venues where respondents are gathered together to evaluate products and other specified items.

  • Focus Group Discussions

    Focus Group Discussions

    We first recruit panelists appropriate for each survey topic. Then, in round-table discussion, the moderator interviews them.

  • In-depth Interviews

    In-depth Interviews

    In this methodology, specific respondents are interviewed individually.

  • Mystery Shoppers

    Mystery Shoppers

    Our investigators visit shops, restaurants, etc., while pretending to be customers, and evaluate physical ambience and services there.

  • Home Use Tests (HUT)

    Home Use Tests (HUT)

    We send new products or trial products to respondents at their homes. They use those products in person and evaluate them.

  • Visitors Survey

    Visitors Survey

    Surveys of visitors to shops, exhibition halls, etc., are conducted on-site.

  • The Experts Discussion

    The Experts Discussion

    We bring together experts in the fields related to each survey topic. Surveys are carried out via discussions among them deepened by repeated meetings.

  • Observational Method

    Observational Method

    Our investigators observe the behavior of specific people and extract information relevant to the objective of each survey.

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By Survey Objective

RJC Research handles a wide variety of research methodologies and data analysis methods.

  • Medical Research

    Medical Research

    In each medial field, we are able to reach well experienced special doctors and KOL.

  • To assess the market

    To assess the market

    Trading zone surveys for the opening of new stores, uncovering of latent needs, surveys for the comparison of corporate awareness and image with competitors, etc.

  • To assess existing products or services

    To assess existing products or services

    After-sales support, customer satisfaction surveys at call centers, visitor surveys at exhibition halls, brand penetration assessment surveys, etc.

  • To assess new products or services

    To assess new products or services

    Latent needs measurement before developing new products, packaging and naming evaluation, pricing evaluation, etc.

  • To assess corporate image or activities

    To assess corporate image or activities

    Corporate image surveys, brand evaluation surveys, corporate identity surveys, etc., to understand advantages over competitors and possible improvements.

  • To carry out public opinion polls

    To carry out public opinion polls

    Attitude surveys, election forecasting surveys, resident condition surveys, etc.

  • Academic Program

    Academic Program

    In this program, we offer special prices for non-profit surveys.

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